This division provides logistic solutions for extra-heavy and over-dimensioned cargo. We have specialized staff with experience and Know How at local and international level.

We provide services to a variety of industries: renewable energy, oil and gas, construction and mining. With over 7 years of experience transporting project cargo in the region (LATAM), we consider ourselves referents, experts in the transport of components for the renewable energy sector.

We are involved in every project from start to finish. We carry out a thorough analysis of the entire operation -door to door. That includes a risk-mitigation management, which aims to check every critical momento, in order to assure fluency and efficiency in the delivery of cargoes.

We identify the necessary civil work for transportation; we analyze the technical drawings of cargo, keeping our customers informed of the status of each piece. We perform chartering (by sea or air) of large volumes of cargo, whose destinations or origins are not regular.

We act as the “focal point” between the charterer and the ship-owner, with proven experience in handling special parts, such as wind blades, wind towers, transformers, turbine shafts, pre-distributors, among others. Through our participation in trade chambers, conferences and seminars, we unravel the needs of our customers in their industries.


  • Survey Project (volume and type of load)
  • Designing work processes.
  • Logistical constraints (infrastructure, equipment, skilled labor, customs regulations, political context)
  • Geographical limitations (land/air/sea access, storage areas, climate, security)
  • Creating Work Processes (Delivery planning & Communication Management)
  • Documentation.


  • Cargo and packing segregation plan.
  • Designing transportation plans:
    • Feasibility routes study.
    • Times and transportation options.
    • Planning of lifting, stowage, and lashing plans.
  • Air/maritime chartering.
  • Performance Reports.
  • Change management and continuous improvement.

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